Let yourself die in every passing moment so that you enjoy your present.

Life is too short to feel bad and show resent.

People come and people go,

If you stood in a corner and cry, the world would never hear nor know.

Then, why feel bad?

Why shed tears or anyways feel sad?

These words spoken in anguish shall prick those satin ears,

Which heard nothing except sweet lies.

But I know the storm that rages in my heart, growing stronger each moment,

Wagging its vicious tail, stinging me each moment.

Yet it cannot kill my desire to live

To live, to dream, to rise in joy and bliss

Amidst the vortex of despair, I let a silent prayer, a silent wish.

Subrat Mohanty


The Hidden Shades

They can twist your words but can they ever misconstrue your silence?

They can beat you up each time but can they ever break your resilience?

They can laugh at you but can their laughter ever make you cry ?

They will bully you on occasions but why should you be so timid and shy ?

The truth of the moment lies somewhere within your heart.

Yes…not in their minds but somewhere buried within your heart,

Waiting for it to be realized by you one day.

Beauty of this life lies in subtle shades of this moment,

Languishing behind the obvious ways of the world, between our joys and disappointment.

Subrat Mohanty

A Solitary Song

I gather syllables of emptiness to compose my own song of loneliness.

I dig into the depths of my heart in search of hope .

The silent life perhaps has few words to say,

Few dreams I dreamt off but they never came my way.

The silence was sometimes deafening.

The still life seemed too frightening.

I stand at a confluence ,

The river of time moves along beside me.

Yet the loneliness within me hurts at times,

Walking through the road of life, I stop by sometimes,


To gaze at those dreams, to feel that emptiness,

Consoling my mind, teaching it hope amidst hopelessness.

Subrat Mohanty

Random thoughts

Thoughts seem to slip over the casual plane of mind,

Knocking off few old memories on their way.

Few random memories that I gathered in my day.

I try to catch them but they don’t obey me.

They run in the backyard of mind like unruly children running free.

Words seem too definite. They are the abstract expressions of my past.

I think of a word to describe them but before I come up, they hardly ever last.

Dispersing into eternal spaces of psyche and time,

Remaining in the depths of consciousness as crystals of experiences – profound and sublime.

Subrat Mohanty

Between the past and the present

There is nothing that has been dragged into this moment from the past.

However beautiful or ugly may it be, for eternity it wouldn’t have ever last.

Yet the mind sees the past in the present.

Recalling the scenes gone by – nice or unpleasant.

You try to push them aside and they pop from behind,

From some unknown directions of the mind.

Things are the way the way they are,

But they appear like what they were,

Once upon a time, in a solitary corner of our lives.

Between this present and that past, we often live many lives,

Creating the future with the brush of our mind using the hues of our thrills and fears,

Fed by those tales of similar fortune that ,so often, the world speaks and one hears.

Life begins afresh each moment that comes and passes by slowly,

Yet often we never see it  for the mind is lost in its own folly.

Subrat Mohanty


A picture that the world did once paint before me,

A virtual future that they now wanted to see,

Born from the experiences that they carry on their backs,

Silently dropping seeds of their wishes on their tracks,

Wishing someone shall touch what they say from a distance

Silently, the desire evolves although with little reluctance

Fiery words command the deeds,

When one realises what one needs.

Blasting out into skies of world,

Fuelled by those expectations, brave and bold.

Yet there are times, when the lines they draw for me went parallel to my thoughts.

I saw yet failed to connect their dots.

Too many to look at, too heavy to carry that,

It couldn’t have gone like that. So, I simply chose to forget that.

I forgot the trajectory that they set for me.

I just fly where my heart goes – higher and free.