About Perspective

A net of thoughts through which we look at the world,

Getting caught up in it so often.

A mound of experiences deposited with the tides of time.

Baked under the heat of situations, it now refuses to soften.

What is there on the other side, is not sometimes what we see.

The beam of reality is at times dispersed and spread free,

To show myriad bands of possibilities.

We hold on to colours few,

Ignoring others, at times we look at those hues and rue.

It is all about perspective – the colours that the mind paints with.

Yet often the soul is left wondering – what is real and what is myth ?

Subrat Mohanty


A Promise

The words spoken amidst the raw emotions,

With fire in eyes and each syllable filled with intense passions.

Mind doesn’t know yet the heart says it will,

Obstacles may come but from somehow we can deal,

With the pins thrown on the way through this world.

They seem tricky, tantalizing each moment,

With hope and despair-whether it could be or whether it could be not.

Yet what is a life without a faith?

Faith in that hand that holds the world together.

Faith in that soul which lives this life,

Carrying a bundle of hopes with a promise written on it,

Quietly walking, listening to the voice within which says “Thee once gave a promise. Now, thy word thee keep it.”

Subrat Mohanty


Life is like a piece of ruler balanced at the sill of the window.

One side a dark chamber of forgettable moments and another side a lush green meadow.

Anything can happen. You never know when it will.

A breeze or a storm may blow when you may be standing still.

The floor below can crack apart, the roof above can crumble,

Don’t move about in excitement or silently grumble.

Whatever happens, simply just happens.

Good or bad are the shape of the scars on our mind,that deepens.

Deepens with time. What happened always, may never happen now.

What never did, may just happen now.

You never know and you never will.

Till the moment it happens at all.

Subrat Mohanty

A Reflection of Life

Time changes many things. Few escape its reach for ever.

Like a tide engulfing a pebble on the shore, changing the way the things are, their ways and flavor.

Walking on the shores of the life, I see many tides of mortal world rise and fall.

Few mansions are washed away while few are created on the way,

Few try to stand tall, while few let themselves to sway,

With the winds of change that blow over our lives.

At the end, it is a matter of who can see it through and then who survives.

Yet with this wind, the human mind often flutters,

Amidst the ever changing lives, the timid heart still silently wishes and stutters.

For that which it had, wishing it could have forever.

Yet it can happen never.

Let thy mind be on the other side of the sea, come may whatever.

Subrat Mohanty


Not everything follows the mortal logic,

Few acts still spring from somewhere within the heart.

A dream, a passion,

A hazy memory etched somewhere in the fabrics of the mind.

Spurring every sinew by making one remind,

Of what we love, love even more than our life.

The world may call it insanity today.

Walking on a path that has no end,

That meanders endlessly through boulders having many a bend.

Yet life is a dream that is to be lived once.

If you spare, when can you ever get another chance?

So, throw that first pebble of your deed at the walls of dark prison of your mind.

Wait for it to pierce the frozen pieces of memories and then it will be the light of your hope that you shall find.

Subrat Mohanty


Many a thought we think at times,

Just a thought pluck from our desires within,

No reason to state,

Then, it only feels a matter of belief and fate.

But just when the tide of passion seems to rise,

Those dark clouds of past show up a surprise,

Casting their grayish shadows on my mind.

“Those dreams that I dreamt of, shall I ever find?”

The answer to that question seems eternally null.

Amidst the doubts, this life seems so dull.

The world walks by, looking at the sunshine of the present.

True enough – When things happen right, why should they have some resent ?

The dilemma is conjured at the junction of the times,

When your thought and the reality are out of tune while once they used to rhyme.

One is left singing a soliloquy to oneself, to soothe one’s soul,

Like sprinkling water over a piece of dimly burning coal.

For all can walk in daylight. It takes some courage to creep in the darkness.

In hope of a light that one has never seen,

In hope of a world that one has never been.

Subrat Mohanty

The boy who never grew up

Times have changed yet he hasn’t.

Years have passed and he is still so adamant.

Each passing day sings a different tune,

Each moment as fleeting as a sand dune,

Gazing at the memories filled with hope that they shall return to him once again,

Thoughts of joy and sorrow, all linking together like links of a chain.

Lying on the bed, he sees his imagined life unfold in the empty spaces of the confine.

Hoping for the answers of those questions which are hard to comprehend and define.

Life whispers gently at his ears

Grow up, my child, with time.

Time is eternal, life is so small.

Row on in the waters of the world.

One day, you shall see its beauty, that shall keep you behold.

Let me show you my colours unseen and untold.

Don’t close your eyes. Don’t submerge yourself in the pool of your lies.

Live like you never lived before, one more time.

Now get up from slumber. Outside, the world awaits you.

Wash away the dust of past. Don the colours of life fresh and new.”

Subrat Mohanty


Now, the air seems so still, so heavy,

Saturated with memories, that shall never be erased so easily, may be.

Life is at times, so lonely

Lonely amidst the company of the world around

The world that smiles, laughs and looks so cool.

Gazing at it, sometimes I wonder whether it is fortune that is rude or I am a fool.


The mind weaves a million images yet not one resembles the truth these days,

Teasing my hope, a hide and seek game, it plays.

Life is perhaps like a house of cards that falls every now and then.

Everytime it falls, it needs to be built regardless of whatever regret or pain.

When life gives no reason to smile at, let the life alone be a reason to smile for.

Appreciating every shade of the world around as it unfolds, its strangeness and its splendor.

Life seems a bit empty. Perhaps, silence is the new language for my hope.

I have few dreams wrapped in a piece of my mind. I hold it now tight to my heart.

Trying to live them with passion far from the tendencies of the world around.

Like an outlaw banished from the confines of human logic.

Living like a stoic, untouched by the thrills and sorrows of this turbulent world.

My present seems to be betraying to me. I know not what my future holds.

Subrat Mohanty

I walk my life, dying every moment that passes by, observing life as it unfolds.

A Rainy Afternoon

The rain drops trickle down the slanted roofs.

My mind takes a plunge with them into the silent depths of time.

Far from the almost deserted buildings and roads,

Far from the usual tunes of life,

I watch my mind unfolding itself before me,

Projecting few hazy memories that seem so real at times.

Solitary spaces under the grey skies,

With the showers for company and the heavens staring like silent spies.

I often forget what is real and what is imaginary,

Nature plays unexpected symphonies and my mind now follows them.

Where it goes and from where it had came,

I know not. I make a boat of my memories and float it down the streams of time.

Surrendering myself to the winds of intuition to wherever they ought to.

Subrat Mohanty

Reconciliation with self

Why hold on to the things that we can never change?

Why breed sorrow? Why breed revenge?

What happened, happened for some unknown reason.

We don’t know. We may know sometime later.

Till the time, let it be the way it is.

No repent, no desire,

No need to point finger at, nothing to admire.

Just a moment away from the world,

Peaceful, still – Nothing to think, nothing to be told.

Subrat Mohanty