Dilemmas of our times

With every step I take from now on,

The world seems a bit hazier than it was ever before.

What seems to be there, isn’t actually there,

What comes, goes one day beyond what our eyes.

What never was, comes from somewhere,

When they are too bad, we raise our hands against them.

When they are too saintly, we laugh and put them to shame.

We chase luxury to reach happiness yet we never find it anywhere.

On the way, our health and love crumbles and yet we don’t care.

We lick the lollipop of illusions, satisfying our craving for pleasure.

Yet one day, when it melts away all we are left is a stick in the hands of a poor creature.

Often our pockets grow richer, our hearts become poorer than ever.

When we break their faith ruthlessly, all in the name of victory and being clever.

Amidst this rubble of dilemmas, I try to draw a path.

A path that shall take me – my soul to the heaven of our times.

Afterall, life is supposed to be answer and not a question remaining unanswered forever.

Subrat Mohanty


Broken Heart

The heart seems broken – broken by a storm  that had been brewing up somewhere till now,

I never knew it shall tear my mind into pieces.

But now, I struggle to join those pieces together.

It takes years to build trust yet few moments crush it into pieces.

Flirting was always easy but I chose to stand beside you amidst all joys and crisis

But you silently walked away…

Thy rejection felt like a slap on my face.

It dealt a sharp blow on my life without leaving any visible trace.

I waited for you but you never came back.

They said that you have moved on and so should I.

Yet I said to myself “One more time, one more try.”

Today, I stand proven wrong, shattered into random pieces,

With a solitary dream in my heart.

A dream to live and love my life once more,

Even if it were a solitary one yet a happy one.

Subrat Mohanty