Letting go

Many thoughts now lie scattered in the mind,

Yet not all, do I want to carry with me.

My conscience bends under their weight.

I never did that before, but now want to leave few things to the fate.

I want to leave behind few otherwise they shall never let me live free.

What had happened once, just happened then.

A new moment had always been there waiting for us.

Who knows life may come from behind to embrace and kiss us.

Few thoughts are to be let go,

Only then this life shall continue to flow.

After all, how many times shall I be a false martyr at the altar of the circumstances?

I don’t like filth yet why in mind, do I put up with such nuisances?

Striking all the strings of a discordant mind randomly, I only bear with a confusion in the end.

Let me play only the strings I love. Let my mind now heal itself and mend.

Subrat Mohanty


The sun has risen !

In this barren land, I now hear a leaf rustle.

After the countless nights, the sun will finally rise.

A faint breeze carrying the forgotten aroma, now caresses my soul,

Drying up those beads of sweat that once did trickle down my heavy mind.

I have been waiting in the dark. I can now wait for some more time

to see the sun and my hopes rise, once again so sublime.

May be the night is darker so that the morning can be beautiful and brighter.

I now lie on the hard ground that never seemed so softer, ever before

As I watch the day coming closer than it was ever before.

Subrat Mohanty

A new beginning

It is easier when you look ahead,

Difficult when you look back.

You will see light only when you turn your face away from the dark,

You can sow seeds of joy in the barren lands of time, only when you come out of the dark chamber of your past.

A new beginning may be a thought away from you. You decide how long your past hangover gonna last.

Times are never good or bad,

Thoughts make it feel so.

Actions make it so.

What you silently wish for, silently creeps from your heart into the time.

You never come to know what subtle games fate plays with you, every time.

Moving on each time, you can strive for something better, something beautiful

Even the stagnant water stinks after accumulating plentiful.

Beauty of life lies in very moment.

Few embrace it cheerfully,

Few bang their heads on the face of it,in anguish.

It all depends on you, friend – whether you make it an excuse to cry or a dream to cherish.

Lost and found self


I was lost in the lanes of time.

I never knew when I was left behind.

I chased few pieces of imaginations.

Only to be left behind one day, staring at the cold truth,

When life takes a turn, many often slip and so did I.

No sooner life starts tumbling, the mind starts grumbling,

But life moves on as days pass by.

As I get up to feel the ground beneath my feet,

To feel the air that has changed quite a bit,

I walk my way,

As I embrace each day,

With a ‘thank you’ on my lips,

and a piece of determination in my mind.

In search of something that I feel in my heart, that I am yet to find.

Subrat Mohanty