An Ode to a Party

Hollow ways of this world, I see now

Flashes of flair amidst tinge of hidden despair,

Hardened pieces of attitude lying behind beyond repair,

Sitting in front of an astray,

Burning the butt of their stupidity,

I wonder looking at it when shall it end.

As they raise their hands in celebration

Raising the glasses, trying to rise above the present for a while,

Into the transient moments of hallucination.

Life seems a figment of imagination hearing them talk nonsense,

I see a new world unfolding,

A world of craziness and fun,

Beholding me from a distance,

With an eye of sweet pretence.

I close my eyes for a while,

While the disco music plays on for a while.

Life seems a joke now, the world a playground

In the face of their fun, I wonder what I just found.

Subrat Mohanty