I am you

You have changed with time.
Now you look like a man.
Wow ! Your new grown moustache, your new pair if sunglasses,
Your tight fit suit, your new watch that flashes
Light that blinds me and you as well,often
Decked all over, ready to rock the party
Truly said, you’re the man, smartie !

But wait, man…

Behind those shades, I see…lies two red eyes that seem to be begging sleep for ages,
For it has seen more nights than days, off late.
You went for a ballet with your desire. Your mind and body always had to wait.
Nevertheless, your life- you may say…
Why do you sit so still ?
Swaying slightly hither and thither, is there anything left more to feel ?
Your glossy face looks so pale, your hands a bit bruised.
The biceps that bulged till now, now need some space to relax.
Have some rest. Why do you look at me in mirror ?
I am you – you before this rock star was born.
Why do you stare at me ? Did I stop you ever ?
Light always follows the fire- whether it lits up someone’s home or burn someone to ashes.
I am the same although outside you may have many faces.
Whatever you do, shall comeback to you.
Good or bad – is your way of imagination.
Life is a piece of reality and not a fairytale of your imagination.
You have become a man, indeed but I doubt whether you are still a human.

Subrat Mohanty



There was a time when he spent hours with me,

Touching me,caressing me with love so subtle and innocent.

I spread my fragrance around and he would jump with joy.

Those days, I found a companion and he found a reason to enjoy

His solitary moments when he was alone in his house.

Slight creaking of the door would enough for fear to arouse

On his tiny face. I would then soothe him by offering him a waft of my fragrance.

But gone are those days of his innocent ignorance.

Now, he plays with costly toys that he holds in his hands all day long.

Pressing against the ear, glued his eyes to and he doesn’t care if it is wrong.

Closed rooms now no more choke him. His mind yearns for some other worldly fragrance.

I peep into his room from the glass to look if he is missing me.

But he now lives in a world from where he bothers not to see

What is around him – what is there and what is not.

I have heard humans say-with time people change,

And so do their lives.

Looks change and so does their heart.

Sometimes above the moon and sometimes simply torn apart

Yet I whisper to me – “That day will come soon when you will long for those songs which we once sung

Notes you might remember yet those songs shall never be sung together.

Subrat Mohanty


You will know one day,my son !

“Nah….I won’t eat those vegetables. I don’t like them at all.”

      “You have to……..,son. They are good for you and make you strong.”

“They taste so bad. I won’t eat it all.”

       “Don’t throw tantrums. I don’t like it all !

       Eat it quietly or else I will hit you hard !

       Be a good boy and not naughty or bad.”

“Who said they give strength ?”

I vomit every time you put them in my mouth”

       “You will know it one day,son…when you grow big.”

“Dad,how do people know everything when they grow big ?”.

       “You will know it yourself one day,son. Now eat your food quietly.

        Don’t play with the food. God shall be angry if you do so.”

“It is fun playing with it. Noodles hanging from the spoon like snakes….

“Dad, where does god live ? I have never seen him before.”

       “ He lives in heaven up above in the stars….

         Oh ! Stop playing with food and spreading it around. God will be angry and hit you          if you do so.”

“But dad, if he lives in the stars then how can he hit me from there.”

       “Oh,my dear…Please, be a good boy and eat your food silently.”


“Time will come when you will know it all,my son-

How to live and stay strong,

Who is god, what is right and what is wrong

Till then be a good boy and always be cheerful.

Let your heart forever be that innocent and beautiful”


“Complete eating your food and then you can go out to have fun

Life will teach you more than I ever can. You will know it all one day, my son.”

Subrat Mohanty

Monday Mornings

A new morning, a new day,
Time to return to the same routine way,
Leaving behind moments of frolic and fun,
Carrying the aroma of freshness back to work.
The world seems so new as never before.
For some reason, I am now left with this life to adore.
Which for some reason, seemed so monotonous and dull,sometime before.
New day, new perspectives
New hope,new expectations
Life is once again back to its way.
And there I am up for the Monday.

Subrat Mohanty

My Uncle’s Garden

There is a strange serenity when I visit there every time.
Lines of small potted plants standing in rows,
Like kids during assembly time.
The big bare Hibiscus plant overlooks them all.
The heat has withered her all over while she stands weak yet determined.
Roses have lost their passion.
Every gust of wind now exposes their vagaries of time.
Letting few petals fly away while they bow down in shy.
Marigolds seem to have gone in exile,
For they stand quietly in a lone corner, untouched,unaware about what goes around them.

They all see it together
Hot summer and chilly winter weather.
Lifeless yet so profound,
Standing amidst them, I think of life.

“What is life ?
A bed of roses or roses like these.”

Subrat Mohanty


Every smile may not be true and real,
Every time the eyes look down, it doesn’t mean denial.
Silence doesn’t mean words have died.
Those who laugh now, have also once cried.
What happened, happened for some unknown reason.
What shall happen, shall happen for yet another reason.
Every time you walk,
Obstacles shall greet you.
Every time you stumble,
Get up and walk without grumble.
Life is bigger than your imagination,
Bigger than your wounds that you ever had.
Expect not that you shall hear only sweet words.
Sweetness may lie in heart, mind has to be tough.
Hands on the oars have to be steady when the sea gets rough.

Subrat Mohanty


“I feel so sad for you

My sympathies are now with you.

What happened with you,ought not to have happened

Surely,you deserved…you deserved something better.

Now sit down calmly. Things will be okay sooner or later”




“Oh..really !”


“I want not to sit.

I want to stand soon on my feet.

The words of pity that you spoke just now.

Manufactured by your compassionate yet weaker self,somehow.

I need not those of them !

For those hurt more that than the disaster.

I have a destiny and I am its master.

I shall rise inch by inch at a time

A broken flower soon makes way for another

I don’t need your words or favour, my brother.”

I am no poet

My words may not rhyme.

There are times, when my heart needs to have its own time

Far fetched from usual chores of the world,

I feel every pulse of my emotions intertwined within my breath

Rising and falling like tides by the shore.

I am no poet yet I want to lay down my thoughts for a while,

Thoughts which I bore in my mind for long,

Feelings that I indulged in which although my brain said they were wrong.

Words then followed, following no pattern

Yet following my heart, in the solace of my conscience

I know not what was there, in the end.

Few broken lines may be, spoken out of myself.

They may not sound good to you, my friend,

But, forgive me. For I am no poet, in the end.

Subrat Mohanty

Random contemplation

I lose myself in the lanes of life so often.

The paths that seemed smooth once, now seem to have roughened.

Many words to keep, many dreams to chase,

Life seems nothing but a randomly connected maze.

Words cannot describe the way out of the maze,

For they wither and dissolve in the rush of our times.

Silence is perhaps the answer to my question.

The reason of my life lies somewhere in that silence.

Come may whatever – a gust of excitement or a wave of sorrow, I have to face it with resilience.

The purpose of life shimmers silently in the solitude of my soul.

Good and bad are all in the mind.

After years of living, life is what that is left to be find.

Subrat Mohanty

A new beginning

It’s time to flip pages that were gathering dust for so long.

It’s time to try something new. Perhaps, the path I had chosen was wrong.

My legs walked far but my heart calls me back now,

Somewhere in this garden of the world, blossoms a flower named destiny.

I follow its fragrance but know not where it is.

Life is beautiful. I can love it once more.

It requires courage to start with-courage to see and do things differently,

To move past the past,

The past that never beyond that moment did ever last.

But the present is what beacons me,

Life is taking a turn now and I am spreading my arms around it.

Subrat Mohanty