In search of an answer

There was a time when life had left a question for me to answer,

I still search for it every moment everywhere.

Days have turned into months, months about to turn into years.

Deep in the corners of mind, there now burns an earthen lamp of fears

“Will it be ever or will it be not”

Desperation is suicidal.

To understand requires patience.

The world is always seems in a hurry.

I wonder they are upto, all the time,

May be upto someone or something.

They had an answer before they faced the question.

There are situation when destiny makes you feel like a king born to win,

But there are times, when all you are left with is a question,

With some hope in your heart and wisdom in your mind

To search for the answer that you are destined to find.

Subrat Mohanty


Forget not from where you started

The ground below may be slippery yet let not your heart off it’s place.

Sweet are their words decorated with adjectives that you never did face.

A rose never throws it’s fragnance in air for poets to write and for lovers to love,

The beautiful mountains never stood waiting for you – waiting for you to stop and praise.

The time has taken a turn for the good.

But that is not forever.

The hands that hold you up shall be down one day and then you shall be your savior.

Love the reason for which they hold more than they who hold you up.

Times change, choices change,

Passion and faith stays forever.

Subrat Mohanty