Unheard words

I looked at her yet barely did she stare at me.
I felt it was an adventure yet I insisted let it be.

There was curiosity in mind yet a slight fear in heart.

I knew not whether my words would fall in line of thoughts or shall fall apart.

I wish she could she could let her eyes off her phone, her earphones off her ears.

And listen to what I wanted to say, apart from all my fears.


Yet she seemed to have few fascinations..

Fascinations that kept her eyes glued to the screen.

Amidst those innocent expressions and cute smiles, what lay beneath I knew not.

The games that minds and hearts play are often too fickle.

You win then lose and at times again win.

Confused as I was, like this I have never been.

I could barely think of good words to express those raw emotions.

I knew my intentions were good yet could come out only as random fashions.


The train came to a halt and she got off the train.

I knew time won the race and my thoughts can now go to the drain.

So funny yet so sober – how life jokes with me, so often.

Subrat Mohanty



I beg to differ

The shroud of silence that lay wrapped around him

Like the darkness around him, that surrounded the earth that night
They said,”If thou can’t be bold enough to make your move

Then, thee shall remain a loser for ever”
He said, ” I beg to differ…

Happy I am, to be loser in this race to desparation

A guilt free mind and a heart full of hope

Strong enough to even stand alone under the sun

– Is all you need, my friends

To live life and have some fun….”

Subrat Mohanty

An untitled paradox

I have my story yet no words to tell.

I have a tune to hum yet no song to sing.

There are few blank spaces amidst the discrete joys and sorrows of life

Call it the wisdom or mischief of the providence.

I search for an identity amidst existence.

I see a dream amidst the struggle for sustenance.

Subrat Mohanty


Bachelorhood confessions

Loneliness sounds cliche.

I call it the strange phase of life,

When people disperse away from you, dissolving in their own lives,

When time seem to be crawling for you and flies for them.


In the empty caverns of your mind, few questions keep echoing faintly

“Why is it so ? When shall it happen ?”

Spoken in the tones of morose into the spaces unknown,

Every time sending out a ripple in the quiet heart.


Hopes flicker like the candle flame

In the winds of worldly pragmatism.

Few moved in it’s direction. They flew far above.

While few chose to go the other way and were knocked down by the wind.

Hope is the word that I wear on my heart every day,

Seeing the world the way it is.

With no strings attached yet a silent prayer emanating somewhere within

Someday, somewhere, life will take a turn, a beautiful turn.

Subrat Mohanty