#10 Couplets of my mind

A frog sat silently on the leaf floating on the dark waters of a well.

Drifting in the dark, on the ripples of its fortune,

He sighed to himself,” The world is dark and so is my life”

Up above, the sun stood smiling in the sky.

Subrat Mohanty


#9 Couplets of my mind

Few thoughts are better left unsaid.

Few secrets are better withheld.

Words and their meanings will chain them.

Leave them alone to blossom in the garden of a heart.

Subrat Mohanty

The perfect match 

A wonder indeed… 

The eyes that could see 

The caste and the creed,  

The grandiose  born out of greed, 

The colour of the skin and the contour of the faces, 

Found on the earth at different places. 

A wonder indeed… 

how those eyes  failed to see

What all with those caste, creed and looks are or ever wanted to be. 

A wonder indeed… 

how those eyes were so blind to the colour 

of their own existence 

So forgetful of their own reminiscence-

That one day fate chose to look at them and that is why they can look around. 

Life gave them choices and there they sat looking at it with vanity. 

At last,  he got up holding a photo out of the many and declared, 

“I think she is the one.  That would be indeed perfect. 

Now,  next look for the time and not for the defect. ”

There he stood beside him, wondering what just happened – 

A decision well made

Or a decision made to look well. 

Subrat Mohanty 

#8 Couplets of my mind 

The sky watched in anticipation – 

When the feeble flower shall raise its head in fascination

And dance to the tune of the rain. 
The flower stood silently and said,  

“Beauty lies not in doing, needs not to be proved. 

May be you are too high to understand. 

It has always been there.

 Just that few catch the scent yet few chose to fly with the wind above”

Subrat Mohanty 


God collects the beads of our deeds

Few of which are perfectly round, few not so perfect.

He strings a garland out of those and gifts us at the end,

He says,

“This is your destiny, my friend.

Enjoy it’s fragrance or contemplate on it’s form”


I wondered,

“How can one be so lonely walking amidst the crowd ?

How can one be so silent despite having a voice so loud ?”
The mind whispered,

“Home is not where bricks lie,

Home is where one’s heart lies.”

Subrat Mohanty