Couplets of my mind#14

The more he aspired,

The more this universe conspired,

At last, he asked,”Do you want me to stop dreaming? You never give me what I dream of!

Destiny grinned and said,”My hands are tied by the string of Karma. You walk on the path of your life and take me along wherever you want to…”

Subrat Mohanty 


Couplets of my mind #13

Love is not that what I say,you hear and you blush.

Love is that what I couldn’t say yet you understood and smiled.

Subrat Mohanty 


“Listen to me first!

Before my temper does burst!

I want things this way,

But you are doing the other way!

Walk not a step beyond this ! You are now driving me insane !

You don’t know but you are leaving me every time in pain!

I shout and I raise my hands in disdain.

But I don’t know that way, what do I gain!

I silence you!

I win the argument and I lose my mind!

The reason that started all this-I am yet to find !”

Subrat Mohanty