“Son, the time has come to think about it-

What do you want to be? In what profession do you fit?

Your fun days are about to over. Now get little serious!

Listen to me for what I say now is very precious!

What do you dream to be in future?

Have you ever thought about it?


Licking the ice-cream, he said

“Dream? Not really, dad.

I am no artist. My imagination is so bad.” (giggles)

Just joking but yes I will think about it.

Let the ice cream get finished and then we can sit

And talk about it at length


“You can have the ice cream later.

By having it now, will it taste any sweeter?

Is career more important or this petty ice cream?

How many times shall I tell you this matter is not so trivial as it may seem!”


“Will my career be made here right now, in a minute?

Oh, my dad, just chill!

Who gives you so many worries to feel!

Okay, okay… Let us talk as I have my ice cream…”


“What is your plan for future?

Engineer or a doctor?”


“Hmm…the one that pays me well is my future.

Dad, do you know how many dreams have I always nurtured ?

A cool bike, a racing car

A long holiday trip with friends to places afar

A palatial house with a big swimming pool

Once I get all these, dad won’t it be so cool!”


“But son, what do you want to do in life?

All these things you said just now, shall come to you when they ought to

But right from here where do you head to?

What is that which makes you happy when you do it each time?

Playing with the machines or fighting with diseases

Fighting cases in the court or looking after businesses

What is your passion? What is your dream?



Dad, that is little difficult to tell.

Give me some more time. I will think about it.

With my friends, I will talk about it.

Which path shall be more profitable for me

And then I shall tell you about it.


Oh, my ice cream just got finished. I wish I could get another! ”

Subrat Mohanty


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