Depressed diaries

If you can’t figure what I think,

Then leave me alone and let me sink,

Sink peacefully in the depths of uncertainty,

Far from the clouds of confusion and flowers of vanity.

I have seen roses pinching with their thorns.

I have seen those rare but gloomy dawns.

My reasoning failed me

And so I now to seek comfort in my conscience.

If so obvious is not this world then may be mystique is the answer.

Answers to the questions that trace the outline of my present.

Words seem to finish at a point where I am left alone in resent.

Subrat Mohanty


Resurrection of my dreams

I stand among the ruins, ruins of my present tumbling all over.

Each moment I pass in despair with mind lost and eyes sober.

My fears took the shape of dragons of my destruction,

Spitting fire on my dreams.

Thanks to it for what I once saw- now is an illusion it seems.   

Not a shoulder to lay down my confused head,

Not a hand to rub off my tears,

Not a voice to allay my fears,

And now it seems no one just cares.


Phew! Wait a minute…


I have lost many, but not all.

A shadow still stands behind me.

A heart still races within me

In hope of a resurrection.

Chastened by the scars that times inflicted upon me.

The ruins lie around yet the bricks still remain.

Darkness prevails around yet the stars and the moon will still remain

Up above to show the way through the forest of life.


A castle of my dreams now slowly takes shape in my eyes,

Rising from these ruins like a phoenix from the ashes.

Subrat Mohanty