Couplets of my mind#14

The more he aspired,

The more this universe conspired,

At last, he asked,”Do you want me to stop dreaming? You never give me what I dream of!

Destiny grinned and said,”My hands are tied by the string of Karma. You walk on the path of your life and take me along wherever you want to…”

Subrat Mohanty 


Couplets of my mind #13

Love is not that what I say,you hear and you blush.

Love is that what I couldn’t say yet you understood and smiled.

Subrat Mohanty 


“Listen to me first!

Before my temper does burst!

I want things this way,

But you are doing the other way!

Walk not a step beyond this ! You are now driving me insane !

You don’t know but you are leaving me every time in pain!

I shout and I raise my hands in disdain.

But I don’t know that way, what do I gain!

I silence you!

I win the argument and I lose my mind!

The reason that started all this-I am yet to find !”

Subrat Mohanty 

Monotony of life

In the monotony of my thoughts, I look for a tinge of fresh passion

Amidst the predictable pattern of my times, the heart yearns for a change of direction.

The sun rises in the east,every day

Yet how does it look so beautiful then, day after day ?

It’s shape and it’s size,

It’s hues and it’s rays,

It’s position and it’s ways

– All seem so same

But then why do I marvel looking at the same ?
May be the days are not so same as I thought,

May there was still some piece of beauty behinds the rays that my eyes hadn’t caught.

Days are repeatative yet the winds of change are brushing through my spirit.

May be the place,the trade

The people and all other things of which the situation is made

– All are the same 

Yet the being that faces can still be little better.

Like the rays that are brighter,

Piercing across the still stubborn sky.

Subrat Mohanty 

Value of my words

One day someone asked,” You sprinkle your words around.

And people are left spellbound.

Your books get name and so do you.

You must be getting something. How much or how few ?”
I paused for a while to ponder over the question.

The bird of imagination had been hit by a pebble of logic.

I stared at his face and peeped within my heart

Looking for an answer, for few words to start.

Silence prevailed for a while but then words flowed like they always had been…
“What if I tell you I get happiness by what I do?

Painting a portrait of my words with hues of my emotions,

Standing on the pedestal of my spirit , above the criticisms and appreciations

I sprinkle the fragrance of my words around,

Giving a reason for the frown to turn into a smile, darkness of despair to turn into a ray of hope.

You are right. I get back  a lot, lot more than what the fingers can count.

Yet only the soul can feel.”

The perfect match 

A wonder indeed… 

The eyes that could see 

The caste and the creed,  

The grandiose  born out of greed, 

The colour of the skin and the contour of the faces, 

Found on the earth at different places. 

A wonder indeed… 

how those eyes  failed to see

What all with those caste, creed and looks are or ever wanted to be. 

A wonder indeed… 

how those eyes were so blind to the colour 

of their own existence 

So forgetful of their own reminiscence-

That one day fate chose to look at them and that is why they can look around. 

Life gave them choices and there they sat looking at it with vanity. 

At last,  he got up holding a photo out of the many and declared, 

“I think she is the one.  That would be indeed perfect. 

Now,  next look for the time and not for the defect. ”

There he stood beside him, wondering what just happened – 

A decision well made

Or a decision made to look well. 

Subrat Mohanty